Prep Transition Program

It has been fantastic to see so many of our Kerrimuir 2021 preps online at our virtual Prep transition mornings.

We want to reassure parents who have navigated this tumultuous year, and have an incoming Prep student, that we have a supportive framework already in place to give your student the best start to their schooling life.

While you may be having some misgivings about the transition into primary school after this unusual year in education, we can assure you that we have planned for this and are ready to support your child so that the impacts of Covid-19 and remote learning are negligible.

Kerrimuir Primary School is excited to announce that we have embarked on a new learning journey in partnership with Zanda (school readiness experts). Commencing in 2021 this program, ‘Ready to Learn,’ is unique to Kerrimuir Primary School and will provide a 4 week program to support our 2021 Prep students to achieve their best at school. Our prep teachers are also working with these experts to be part of delivering this program to your students.

Ready to Learn at Kerrimuir recognizes that students come from a variety of backgrounds and pre-school educational experiences, and aims to support and enhance the work done by our pre-school educators. Ready to Learn aims to provide all students will a toolkit for learning to give them the best start to 2021.

For further information contact Ms Jo Jolly at school on 9898 1494.