Our Staff

Principal Karyn Simes-Martin

Assistant Principal Sherrin Strathairn

Office Staff Liz Stavridis
Sally Boyd

I.T. Technicians Andrew Simpson

OH&S Mel Martin

Junior School Erin Dean (Prep A)
Karlee Rathjen (Prep B)
Megan Clarke (Prep C)
Claudia Rushton (Grade 1A)
Sue Kelly (Grade 1B)

Middle School Krystal Bilski (Grade 2A)
Fiona Van Zuylen (Grade 2B)
Matthew McGrath (Grade 2C)
Mathew Chaffer (Grade 3A)
Alison Pollock (Grade 3B)
Jo Jolly (Grade 4A)
Sinead Dowling (Grade 4B)

Senior School School Ashlee Mitchell (Grade 5A)
Luke Van Koll (Grade 5B)
Vicki Thomas & Kirrily Gloufchev
(Grade 6A)
Josh Bevis (Grade 6B)

Specialists Fiona Mebalds (EAL)
Mariko Hioki-Walker (Japanese)
Denise Pilinis (Librarian)
Felix Meagher (Performing Arts)
Georgia Bhandari (Physical Education)
Anne Italiano (Reading/Maths Support)
Georgie Watts (Student Wellbeing)
Emma-Jane Spithill & Julia Weston
(Visual Arts)

Integration / Multicultural Aides Caillen Biggs
Cher Oxley
Fiona Mebalds
Linda Walton
Shamagne Tan
Shelley Lu
Tamara Natanni

The Kerrimuir Approach

Zone of Proximal Development

Zone of Proximal Development

  • Continuing Professional Development for staff on the use of Phonics, the teaching of Science, Literacy and Numeracy and developing student management skills to ensure students become the best global citizen they can.

  • Incorporating best practice numeracy and literacy strategies into goals in individual Performance and Development Plans

  • Working together to solve children’s learning difficulties in their PLTs using evidence from assessment to make decisions about their planning, literacy and numeracy tasks, ILIPs, learning plans and future teaching strategies & methodologies

  • Examining and analysing student data to observe improvements over the year, and to plan for future learning.