Learning & Teaching

At Kerrimuir Primary School, we believe that the educational focus needs to be on academic engagement, personal achievement with a growth mindset delivered through a curriculum that relates to the real world.

We believe that students achieve their best when:

  • Personal goals and successes are recognised, acknowledged and celebrated.

  • They experience a sense of connectedness and belonging within the school community.

  • Respectful relationships are created, fostered and nurtured.

  • Learning is meaningful and connected to real life experiences of students.

  • They are encouraged to form and express opinions and ideas based on information learnt.

  • The curriculum encourages the development and use of problem solving skills, allowing students to solve specific, realistic, practical or hypothetical problems.

  • They are challenged and motivated to manipulate information and ideas through the use of higher-order thinking.

  • The curriculum is learner-centered and the children are encouraged to be active, responsible, and independent.

  • They are encouraged to take risks and ‘think outside of the box’ in a climate of mutual respect and support.

  • Teachers convey high expectations for all students and are explicit in communicating these expectations.

  • A variety of teaching and learning strategies, styles and approaches are used to meet the learning needs of the students.

  • They are expected to use technology to support and enrich their learning.