Our Programs

Lunch time activities During lunchtimes, activities may include the opening of the Library, Choir and Chess Club. The Student Wellbeing Worker also runs craft and newspaper writing groups during the week at recess and lunch times. There is often something to do, or somewhere to go during lunch time at KPS.

Special Religious Instruction The Special Religious Instruction (SRI) program is an opt-in system according to DEECD policy. Parents need to sign a consent form each year if they would like their child to participate in SRI.

SRI is instruction in the specific religious beliefs and tenets of a religion and is not to be confused with General Religious Education (GRE). GRE is education about religions (which may or may not include using representatives of a particular faith to explain the workings and belief structure of their religion), whereas SRI programs are instruction in a particular religion and may include scriptural studies, and instruction in how to live and behave according to the tenets of the particular faith.

SRI does not provide an overview of all faiths or religions. Each particular SRI offering is instruction in one faith only, provided by a church or other religious group. It is available to schools in a range of faiths including Christianity, Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Bah’ai, and Sikhism. The religions available to schools will vary depending on whether any instructors approach the school.

Currently at Kerrimuir, we have two volunteer instructors offering SRI in Christianity.